Adam Sarjeant

Portrait of MiAL Artist Adam SarjeantAdam Sarjeant

BA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

Each of Adam's illustrations has its own, modular exercise which he admits may be not so much intentional, as born out of a general inability to commit to one idea. He believes there are two struggles, embodied to varying degrees in all of his pieces: the struggle to exist in the great 'after' (after the postmodern development, after the collapse of traditional morality, after the failure of the metanarrative of fine art), and the personal struggle for morale in a philosophically insoluble world. His personal awe for Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara is the most important influence on his art. There is always an effort in his work to capture the elegance and power of Nara’s emotional succinctness as it gives way to a near infinite sense of semiotic meaning.  

Lately Adam has been working primarily in print media, zines, and comics. Adam sees the resurgence of these 'traditional' forms as symptoms of a greater sea-change in the art world, extending the demand, production and market for affordable art.


"All art, like all exchange of ideas, is a form of memetic exchange. I hope that my work will inspire others, and that their work will do the same. I create work to take part in the convection of human culture. In an admittedly egotistical way, I hope that someday my presence in that convection of ideas will grow a little bit bigger." 





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