Adam Willis

Portrait of MiAL Artist Adam WillisAdam Willis

BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins 2016


‘Know Your Litterbugs’ is playful and charming book created by Adam, which attempts to draw attention to the many species of litterbugs (or people who drop litter) in the hope to stop them being so prevalent in the UK.

Adam was inspired to make this book after noticing the colourful plethora of litter on our streets, and an up close experience of confronting fly tippers on his parents drive. He combined this frustration with litterbugs, with inspiration from the beauty of old British birdwatching books and the humour of Ricky Gervais’ ‘Flanimals’ to create his unique book.

Adam hopes that when people read his book it will not only cause them to laugh, but will also provide knowledge on how to identify litter droppers and persuade any guilty parties to discontinue litterbug ways.

Through his work Adam likes to have a positive effect on social issues. He enjoys bringing out the humour in the everyday but also shining a light on issues we don’t take seriously enough.



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