Adriana Jaroslavsky

Portrait of MiAL Artist Adriana JaroslavskyAdriana Jaroslavsky

BA Textile Design, Chelsea College of Art and Design 2014

Adriana’s work is inspired by a Venezuelan indigenous ritual called ‘The Dancing Devils’. The ritual consists of a vast group of people disguising themselves as devils, wearing colourful garments and masks of grotesque appearance as they march and dance to the sound of drums in a state of trance.

The movement and sound involved in this ritual became an intrinsic part of Adriana’s work. She found that the music informed her work to the point where she had created her own ‘musical language’ using collage.

Adriana’s love of colour, shape and texture developed from her collages into textiles, and she now also creates stunning scarves in bold and daring colours, she intends for these scarves to empower the wearer.

Awards and residencies:

Shortlisted for Texprint 2014, exhibiting artists at Habitat exhibition ‘Chelsea Finals 2014’ curated by Chelsea College of Art and Design’s dean.


"I hope that my work can be translated as a happy state of mind. I would like to think that my audience who ever that is would smile and by wearing my products they can be daring and feel that they can do anything and that they are special, different and unique."



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