Alexander Devereux

Portrait of MiAL Artist Alexander DevereuxAlexander Devereux

BA Sculpture, Camberwell College of Arts 2014

The inspiring nature inherent to Victorian methods of making, in particular the industrial revolution and its steel structures ,is Alexander’s true passion. He has created Devereux & Co Second, the branding of his own imagined Victorian company as part on his ongoing practice to create theatrical encounter with his work, that the signs should make you question what you think is real, even down to they are not really made of steel.. that it is all a fake.

Alexander is inspired by artists such as Martin Kippenberger who has curated a sublime fake railway by just using the entrances of a familiar site to anyone who lives in a city with a suburban railway system. This is has ripples in the work Alexander curates with riveted beams. A repetitive architectural element that you recognize instantly, but that doesn't fit into the particular context in that place or scenario.

Awards and Nominations:

UAL MA Studentship (shortlisted), Broomhill National Sculpture Prize 2015 (shortlisted), Vanguard Court Residency 2014-15, Clyde & Co Art Award 2014.


“Each Victorian bridge, train station, tunnel, and other major infrastructure, had an intended purpose, not just a formal purpose, but it is the aesthetic of the design that created their long sustained grandeur. The intention my work is to reflect the over-engineered nature of Victorian design and its utilitarian capabilities; function follows form, a sculpture with an intended purpose”

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