Alexandros Simopoulos

Portrait of MiAL Artist Alexandros SimopoulosAlexandros Simopoulos

MA Visual Arts Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

‘Technicolor Visions’ is a series of work that aspires to explore themes of magic realism and human disconnection in the post-digital era. The pieces are inspired by hallucinogenics, the internet and contemporary life, as well as taking literary inspiration from Tom Robbins novels, folklore and legends.

Some of Alex’s earliest inspirations came from a wide range of graffiti artists and designs created for skateboarding brands. It was from getting involved in these scenes that he found himself immersed in the world of art and design, but he always traces his roots back to artists that generated and were generated by subcultures.

Alex hopes that his work will make his audience consider varying perspectives on life, reality and what we tend to consider as normal.

To create his work Alex first creates a drawing that he then digitally paints. He finds that mixing these two techniques an interesting way of working, and enjoys the raw feel of the final piece. By using a digital colouring technique, Alex’s pieces are striking and bold but avoid the tiresome perfection of computerized imagery.


Awards and residencies:

Awarded Vice-Chancellor scholarship to study MA Visual Arts Illustration at UAL.



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