Anastasija Pudañe

Portrait of MiAL Artist Anastasija PudañeAnastasija Pudañe

Fda Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

Inspired by the building works surrounding her college, Anastasija’s most recent collection of work, Continues City, is an observation of Camberwell's changing environment and a depiction of a city where nothing is quite finished.

Anastasija spent two months intensively drawing on location and observing the urban landscape around her, incorporating this as an important part of her working process. She was fascinated by the continuous, repetitive nature of the city and found that drawing was the best way to represent her experiences as she explored her local environment. In the end it was within the process of printmaking that she found she could meditate over what she had discovered.

This new collection is a further development in Anastasija's interests as an artists with these new works acting as a reportage of daily life in the city and the moods of the everyday.


Awards and Nominations:

Clyde & Co Arts Award (shortlisted) 2016, London Business School - London Experience Design Competition (finalist) 2016, Logotype design for Latvia Literature and Music Museum 2009,  Creative campaign RESTART BACH 2004



“I am fascinated and inspired by work of urban sketchers and I enjoy wandering streets and observe rhythms of everyday life and how time, growth and changes affect always-changing patterns of the city. And I would like to share my observations and experiences of life in London.”

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