Anita Chowdry

Portrait of MiAL Artist Anita ChowdryAnita Chowdry

MA Art & Science, Central Saint Martins 2013

Anita is inspired by mathematics and geometry and its context in the evolution of ideas and technology. Her prints derive from a sculptural installation celebrating scientific and industrial invention in the 19th century. The interactive kinetic sculpture ‘The Iron Genie’ is based on a pendulum-driven device that draws mathematical curves, known as a harmonograph. The mesmerising beauty of the drawings it creates, which are simply visual expressions of oscillations at different frequencies, raises questions about the role of the machine and natural phenomena in creating art.

Metals are at the very heart of our material and technological history, and for Anita, maintaining an intimate association with metal processes is an underlying passion that weaves itself into the narrative of her work. She is inspired by the processes of etching, metal fabrication and making mineral pigments for the same reason: they all involve an engagement with the physical and chemical properties of metals.


“Part of the appeal of mathematics and geometry for me is that it represents a cumulative history of discovery that transcends our preoccupations with the self.”

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