Ann-Sophie Maeyaert

Portrait of MiAL Artist Ann-Sophie MaeyaertAnn-Sophie Maeyaert

MA Graphic Design Communication, Chelsea College of Arts 2014

Ann-Sophie loves to explore the contradictions encountered in everyday life through playful compositions with geometrical forms. Citing influence from the processes of Charles and Ray Eame’s and drawing inspiration from city life, people’s behaviour and things that go unnoticed, to many her work exists of abstract compositions that are never just random

Ann-Sophie’s chosen medium is screen printing. The process allows her the freedom to play around, changing the design whilst executing, but also remains a very technical process which forces her to consider colours and the layering the work. Her designs are always developed further by the later inclusion of other techniques such as monoprinting sketching and even impressions of materials.


"The way I approach my work it forces me to put things in a different perspective and that’s what I hope people will withdraw from it." 





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