Annabel Ludovici Gray

Portrait of MiAL Artist Annabel Ludovici GrayAnnabel Ludovici Gray

Graduate Diploma Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art 2017


Annabel’s work embodies a series of thought and feeling processes. It exists as having been considered, adjusted, removed and eradicated as a conscious or accidental impression. It reveals more than residual marks –what is left behind are feelings of self-expression through the elemental force and malleable medium of charcoal.

Annabels’ current collection has centred on emergent subjects around human relationships: mother and child, effects of war, suffering and grief; the connection of separation and loss is the thread that links these subjects into narratives. Often drawing a direct response from global tragedies, these works are her way of processing these events.

She draws directly from lithe moving figures in the studio, using charcoal as a versatile material which has the power through its malleable qualities to produce a sense of mood through soft/strong line or fast/slow energy and tone. This allows the emergence of feeling through syntax of mark.



"Produced from reeds on the Somerset levels, charcoal is an undervalued medium and often only associated with sketching. I hope that this kind of drawing tools has intrigued viewers enough to want to discover more works by other artists or even perhaps try using it for themselves." 




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