Anne Davey Orr

Portrait of MiAL Artist Anne Davey Orr

Anne Davey Orr

MFA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Arts 2014

Anne’s work focuses on the current debates surrounding climate change and global warning. Her research is reflected in the subject matter of her new work, which now considers the effects on landscape, of what Professor Ron Prinn of MIT describes, as the single most threatening thing that humans have to face in the next 100 years, climate change. Anne’s work is also particularly influenced by 'The God Species' by Mark Lynas; who presents statistics enumerating the species that man has killed off in order to survive.

Anne uses areas of experimentation with tape within her pieces combined with layering thin washes of paint, allowing the history of the work to be seen when areas of tape are removed. The washes relate to the layers through which landscape is laid down over hundreds of years. She has developed her use of masking tape as an integral part of the process, seeing the interaction of paint with it as a metaphor for human intervention in landscape.



Awards and Nominations: 

Taylor Award, Royal Dublin Society, Andrew Grant Travelling Scholarship, Edinburgh, Andrew Grant Post Graduate Scholarship, Edinburgh and the Royal Scottish Academy Best Student Award



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