Armenoui Kasparian Saraidari

Portrait of MiAL Artist Armenoui Kasparian SaraidariArmenoui Kasparian Saraidari

MA Photography & PhD, Central Saint Martins 2016

Armenoui's collection is titled ‘Of Armenian origin who have never obtained any other nationality’. The project title is a phrase found stamped on the proofs of identity given to the Armenians when entering Greece in the early 1920’s. Each photograph is a set of one’s belongings that, as the title proves, is significant to his profession. The expanded white area, the portrait format of the prints as well as the titles of the images echo biographical data and identity documents. Arranged as one piece and lighted in a dramatic way those objects symbolise a person in his absence.

Armenoui hopes that her images speak of a network of narratives about real people but at the same time reflect the history and memory of the Armenian Disapora. Her work seeks to address the issues of trauma, memory and forgetting through a cross-generational dialogue.

Awards and Nominations: 

Photomonitor Commendation, Central Saint Martins 2013, LOWE AND PARTNERS Nova Award 2013 (nominated), Five Under Thirty 2013, Daniel Blau Gallery (shortlisted), Photoworks for the Jerwood Encounters: Family Politics selection 2013 (shortlisted & showcased), AHRC Doctoral studentship (PhD) at Central Saint Martins 2013, AHRC IPS Fellowship in the Library of Congress, Washington DC 2013, Future Map 2014 (nominated), International Print Exhibition 157 of the Royal Photographic Society 2014 (shortlisted)



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