Arnaud Meneroud

Portrait of MiAL Artist Arnaud MeneroudArnaud Meneroud

BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2016

Arnaud’s work is still often experimental, he aims not be confined by one medium but rather to approach work with his main will, to approach diverse concepts and immaterial reflections through a material object, which could be painting, photography or installation. Through digital photography, Arnaud has the ability to create an image which doesn't exist and can't be caught by a camera, instead to build a picture like a building or a Lego tower, exploring shapes and structures of a physical and visual object as much as the structure of an idea, using geometrical shapes and the visual impact to link it to a specific concept.

 In this work he wanted to explore the idea of nothingness and aesthetics through photography, using the Fibonacci sequence to build the structure of the image. This picture relates to an architectural approach of a philosophical concept. Arnaud sees it as an object half way through materialism and idealism. Like in the middle of two antinomic subjects. This piece is part of a series exploring the same idea again and again using similar methods for each picture, like trying to reach the idea of nothingness again and again like an eternal return.



“I am really interested by the idea of duality between the material and the immaterial, the object and the idea, what can be 'seen' and what is 'unseen' etc, along all my experiments with different mediums and even on the approach of different ideas, I have realised that it's a recurring process which is obsessing me unconsciously.”

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