Ben Edmunds

Portrait of MiAL Artist - Ben EdmundsBen Edmunds

BA Painting, Wimbledon College of Arts 2016

Ben’s paintings explore the grey area between figuration and abstraction; oscillating between the straightforward and the cryptic, the playful and the serious. His pieces examine the relationships between the formal components of pictures, for example between figure and ground, lines and shapes and contrasting colours.

His inspiration comes from a diverse range of sources, from early modernist still life painting and American post-war abstraction to sports photography and fashion.

Ben’s paintings were also inspired by the game theory writings of Johan Huizinga and Roger Caillois. Within these writings, he found inspiration in the description of gameplay, as something free, absorbing and unpredictable. The theories also explored how the rules of the game supersede those of normal life, and through this idea Ben started to make connections between gameplay and painting.

Ben hopes that his audience will draw parallels between sports and art within his work, which he feels is a rich and relatively unexplored area. Having said this, he also enjoys the open-endedness of his work, allowing his audience to lead his work down new paths.




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