Cadi Froehlich

Portrait of MiAL Artist Cadi FroelichCadi Froehlich

MA Fine Art, Camberwell and Chelsea College of Arts 2013

Cadi is drawn to work which is meticulous in concept, execution and material, whilst still keeping true to the wider investigation of the world we live in, and the human experience of modern life. Ideas of consumption, production, obsolescence and interaction are key.

Cadi gets great inspiration from the sheer volume of different incarnations of copper that pass through scrap metal yards. In particular the seemingly never ending variety of cables and hot water tanks, she considers these objects' place in the wider context of production, consumption and recycling of this commodity.

Her work explores the physicality of exchanges between people, objects and material. In particular she investigates the hidden infrastructure of the interaction between these things.

This concept is explored within her ‘AQI’ piece, which was created during a Beijing Residency with the Red Mansion Prize. She was fascinated by the density of the city, of the people and the web of cables snaking from buildings and telegraph poles. She found that the abundance of materials and people actually serves to make her feel incredible disconnected and isolated. The arrangement of the piece resembles the Air Quality Index rating graph which informed her daily life in Beijing, being able to judge from this is she would be ill or how good the view would be based on the fluctuations of air pollution.

Awards and Nominations:

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2011 (2nd Place), Saatchi New Sensations 2013 (longlisted), Red Mansion Prize 2014 (shortlisted)


“I’d like to get people thinking about the infrastructure we depend on to connect, and to notice how rapidly it changes, and the energy it requires. I’d like to think it deepens our understanding of our roles in relationships on both personal and cultural levels.”




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