Cally Lathey

Portrait of MiAL Artist Cally LatheyCally Lathey

BA Textiles, Central Saint Martins 2013

Whilst studying at CSM, Cally’s work has become a great deal more refined. When she first started her BA she has just finished studying on a foundation course and her work was very experimental. Now however, her illustrations have become more intricate and detailed. Her work is strongly influenced by the pop art movement of the soft pastel colours of 1950’s advertising. Within her work she hides images within the detail, and she hopes that each time people look at the work they will discover something new. She wants her work to be fun, accessible and affordable so that it can be enjoyed by everyone.

The inspiration behind Cally’s ‘Illustrated Map of London’ piece comes from the fact that although she grew up in London she finds that every day she makes a new and amazing discovery within the city. She wanted to create a piece that reflected her personal experiences and interpretation of this great city.






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