Camilla Brueton

Portrait of MiAL Artist Camilla BruetonCamilla Brueton

MA Drawing, Wimbledon College of Arts 2014

Camilla Brueton is interested in the relationship between people, infrastructure, architecture and place. She is drawn to linger in locations that most people pass through quickly, often without a second thought. These are places that could be seen to be ‘non-places’ (Marc Augé, 1995). Whilst the term ‘non-place’ could be understood to be a negative, Brueton doesn't share this view. Instead she views these sites as being symptomatic of our time; having been shaped by the advancement of technology, political policy and use.Camilla began her exploration into ‘non-places’ by examining Clapham Junction station. Clapham Junction is Europe’s busiest interchange station. For more passengers than any other station, it is neither a start nor an end point, it is not a destination but somewhere that facilitates their passage to somewhere else. She became interested in what happens if you stop to consider a place like Clapham Junction and how is it authored.

Her process involves archival research, photography, exploring history through conversation and occasionally toying with nostalgia. She uses drawing as a method for reflecting on the built environment, and the hopes and aspirations contained within it. 




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