Camilla Glorioso

Portrait of MiAL Artist Camilla GloriosoCamilla Glorioso

MA Fashion Photography, London College of Communication 2016

Camilla’s photography is strongly influenced by the details of everyday life, and she strives to give value to simple objects or situations within her work. Her work is also heavily influenced by semiotics and how audiences can be influenced by lines, shapes and colours in a picture. Both in her staged and un-staged work, Camilla’s focus is on how to create an unexpected twist in a quite ordinary subject.

There are two different strands to Camilla’s work, ‘Steal Life’ is mainly inspired by the XVIth century Flemish, Italian and French nature morte paintings. In the six pictures Camilla tries to introduce her own body as part of the perfection, assimilating into the atmosphere of this pictorial genre. In her snapshot pieces, Camilla inspiration comes from the subject matter. The pieces usually show a small human presence in a bigger, minimal and framing environment.

Photography gives Camilla the chance to combine all of the mediums that she has worked with as an artist. Her acting comes through in her self-portraits, and her knowledge of drawing and paintings shows in her compositions. She also often uses collage in her work, cutting and pasting parts of her photographs together to create a new meaning. Camilla aims to generate a sense of surprise through her work, for something unexpected within the piece, even if it’s just a line, a shadow or a colour.



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