Catalina Velásquez

Portrait of MiAL Artist Catalina VelásquezCatalina Velásquez

MA Communication Design, Central Saint Martins 2017


Catalina’s work is heavily inspired by botany and nature. This is clearly seen in her collection of bags ‘Tessella’ designed for KUPA. The patterns featured on these designs are inspired by the natural ecosystems in Colombia and aim to recognise the natural richness of the country.

Each bag represents a different ecosystem belonging to various regions in the country, and every species in endemic in this region. Her prints are botanical images with saturated graphics. The flowers depicted belong to tropical humid areas of the Colombian landscape.

Within these pieces, Catalina enjoyed experimenting with layers and colours to create the strong visuals within these pieces. Catalina like to mix traditional and modern practices within her work.

She wants her audience to enjoy how she takes normal objects and explores them making them more exciting and exceptional than they were before.




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