Charlotte Weston

Profile of MiAL Artist Charlotte WestonCharlotte Weston

BA Painting, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

Charlotte found that her work changed dramatically during her first year at Camberwell, she moved away from figurative painting and found a new and interesting path to follow.She wanted her work to be less about what she was painting and more about the paint itself. She enjoys the purity of pigment and the variety of ways it can be manipulated within her work; it adds sophistication and complexity to a painting.

Charlotte’s paintings are all small experimentations. They weren't initially intended to be finished pieces, but this lack of intention gave the pieces an expressive, loose and freeing feel to them. She intends for her audience to get a sense of joy for colour with a refreshing sophisticated, minimalist feel. She encourages people to see the individual brush marks and enjoy them for what they are.






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