Ching Hui-Yang

Portrait of MiAL Artist Ching Hui YangChing Hui-Yang

BA Fashion Jewellery, London College of Fashion 2016

Ching's beautiful jewellery encompasses her love of travelling and exploring different cities, especially when on holiday! She takes this exploration and aims to create 'wearable space' based on the maps of her favourite cities. Having developed her design thinking skills in the first year of her degree and with support from her tutors, Ching is eager to explore different materials, skills and modes of promoting her work. She is particular interested in jewellery that uses alternative materials to the more traditional metals.

Ching's favourite designer is Argentine jeweller Mariana Sammartino due to her different ways of translating the co-existence of conflict and harmony by bringing together dissimilar materials to rely upon each other. Ching loves to take her jewellery beyond the merely decorative to presenting the wearers thoughts. She is very excited to be sharing her work with a wider audience and hope that those who wear it are delighted by the result.  





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