Christopher Simpson

Portrait of MiAL Artist Christopher SimpsonChristopher Simpson

BA Painting, Camberwell College of Arts 2017

Our galleries are full of beautiful paintings of religious iconography draped in blue, the colour of mysticism. Blue has an otherworldly quality that has inspired artists from the Egyptians to Picasso and is now the shade of choice for Christopher’s intriguing draped shapes.

Christopher finds oil paint a very sensual medium, enjoying its forgiving qualities and its demands of patience and persistence. He wants his draped shapes to draw you in, to please your eyes and bring you closer but ultimately he hopes to leave you confused and asking questions about our existence due to the mystery of what lies beneath. Do we believe everything we see or hear? Is what we are shown the truth or will we lift up the cover and see something quite different?


Awards and Nominations:

Lowes Dickinson award 2014.


“What do we expect to find when we peer beneath the cover? Will we see ourselves, another person or a monster? Perhaps the truth of our existence, the truth of reality.”

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