Skins We Live In: Process in Exile Performance and Screen Night

Image from Aliki Kylika's Performative Lecture 'Immigrant Cultural Creativity'
Image from Aliki Kylika's Performative Lecture 'Immigrant Cultural Creativity' 

Skins We Live In: Performance and Screen Night

Wednesday the 16th October

6 - 9pm

Process in Exile Exhibition

29-31 Oxford Street W1D 2DR


' You write on the wall; I breathe, I breathe, Art Keeps you free.'

Thierry Jonquet, Tarantula (2011)


As part of Made in Arts London continuing exploration into the fascinating world of performance and screen art, we invite you to an evening of artworks by students and recent graduates off University of Arts London which explore identity, stereotypes, metamorphosis and the skins we construct for ourselves to inhabit. 

6:45pm Sharon McElroy : The Man I am Today (2013)

Filmed at various locations in the South East of England, some of which have military connections, 'The Man I am Today' was originally presented as a large projected installation for Sharon's MA degree show. In the accompanying audio, five  men discuss the military uniforms they wear  during Victorian living history and re-enactment events,  their role models and  influences and their views on masculinity

Sharon McElroy's work 'An Exquisite Diversion' will be available to view throughout the Process in Exile exhibition

7:15pm Liana Bortolozzo: Caenis (2013)

Caenis is a character from Ovid's Metamorphoses: it is the story of a beautiful woman which, after being abused by Neptune, expresses the desire and, then, is transformed into a man, becoming an invincible warrior.

Caenis stems from my desire to create and wear an armor of defense against the outside world: If the easiest ways to get affirmation and success in society are relegated to men, my reaction is to take possession of the men’s images and to wear them.

If then my armor, once in contact with real life, arouses horror, abjection and a sense of grotesque, means that I have reached my aim: the realization of the pleasure of being a woman. 
Assuming that, in art, the female body represents perfection, harmony and elegance, I take in consideration the male body as the rappresentation of the opposite, highlighting its abject aspects: imperfections and hair.
Caenis aims to evoke disorienting, frightening but also potentially comic feelings; a conscious confusion between fantasy and reality: hallmarks, these, of the grotesque realm.



7:30pm Aliki Kylikia: Performative Lecture:

Immigrant Cultural Creativity (2013)

This lecture presents the history of British - West Indians in an attempt to discuss the issue of immigration and its many trajectories. The West-Indian
immigrants that arrived in England mainly after WWII have faced racism,
discrimination, undervaluation, marginalisation and general hostility. Nevertheless, due to a rich cultural scene they brought with them and exercised, the boom of the cultural creativity that took place in the 1950s, 60s and 70s Britain, stands as an example of the positive results of cultural diversity that is achieved through immigration.
In contemporary Greece, a country under serious economic problems of deep recession and debt, immigration is one of the major issues held responsible for the current state. This presentation seeks to reverse the thought about immigration into
regarding it as a positive and potentially advantageous phenomenon for the country.

The lecture takes the form of a multi-media presentation with the use of performance, video, sound and of course dancing!


8pm Sneja Dobrosavljevic: #Joinmein50years

With « #joinmein50years » Sneja Dobrosavljevic  promotes 'The FunkySeniorHome' a fake senior home set in the virtual world of Second Life and invites her friends to project themselves 50 years later and interact with her there on a regular basis.

 #joinmein50years » is in two parts. An interactive performance live from Second life and a video machinima recorded from the first scenes with avatars at the "FunkySeniorHome" as a 'commercial' trailer to invite new avatars to join the existing group and become members of this prestigious and unique place to be. 

 « #joinmein50years/The FunkySeniorHome » is an urgent call to reflect on what it means to  be old and to age in today's western society. The project responds to the need for more innovative structures for the elderly/older people which do not only focus on nursing and care but also on intellectual needs and personal growth.


Skins we live in is presented as part of Process in Exile


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