Deniz Paran

Portrait of MiAL Artist Deniz ParanDeniz Paran

MA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

Deniz is fascinated by the investigation of bleak modern landscapes and abandoned spaces, the absence of light, and spatial emptiness, with a particular sense of something that used to be, and is no longer. She uses Caligo relief inks for her Monoprinting creating her own textures and stencils. The material is unpredictable, creating a different finish every time with almost a photocopy like, ghostly trail, with imprints from where it has rolled before.

Her work evokes a sense of loss, but at the same time feel the presence of places that are almost forgotten and fading. Simultaneously, the subject matter gives the work a gritty edge by forcing the viewer to take note of important contemporary issues within this conscious age of ‘responsible capitalism’. In this way the work aims to be an important forum with a social function. This is its rationale.


“I believe a tactile and real product represents higher production values and provides a superior image next to the over-polished and over-computerised media common today. It provides more feeling for the viewer to relate with, and is also far more enjoyable to create. “

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