Dominika Świerad

Portrait of MiAL Artist Dominika ŚwieradDominika Świerad

BA Surface Design, London College of Communication 2015

Dominika is inspired by how the every day becomes so personal, your coffee always tastes nicer from your favorite mug!  She hopes to make things that bring something of the history of art, culture, architecture, music and literature to people, linking them with everyday objects. She currently mostly works with ceramics, as they can be one of the little things that have the potential to brighten your day. Whilst she is a real fan of simplicity and prefers form and function to ornamentation when it comes to architecture, in this smaller dimension she focuses on well thought out details. 

The Lonely Rainy Summer Collection is inspired by the subtle, fantastic colours of approaching storms during the long, summer days. It is made on bone china using decal technique and fired. It is a little textured, so that beneath your fingertips  you can actually feel the sand, grass and rocks.


"We live in a hectic world full of average-ness and I believe that little things matter. That you have something not just 'because', but because it somehow speaks to you"




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