Elizabeth Lander

Portrait of MiAL Artist Elizabeth LanderElizabeth Lander

FDA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

This collection was inspired by the area surrounding Elizabeth’s college in Camberwell. As an international student Elizabeth loves London’s unique architecture especially that of South London, she feels that it is a place stuck in time. Her work aims to capture the simple moments overlooked in the hustle and bustle from the encroaching high street, and fully appreciate the South London environment.

Elizabeth’s Linocuts are inspired by the work of Dan Howden whose linocuts captured various locations around London in a moment of time. Elizabeth created her zine as she has always had a love for the narratives in comics.

Although she is always experimenting, Elizabeth is particularly drawn to the handcrafted nature of Lino cutting and the surprise that every print reveals. She was also drawn freedom of self-publishing, zines are a simple and quick medium to produce the stories she wants to share.

Within her work Elizabeth always has a strong style and voice that is clear in each piece, she hopes that her audiences always try to think about the story behind the pieces, even in single frame images.


Awards and residencies:

Finalist for the ‘Find your Voice’ competition for London Business School’s Collaboration with Camberwell College of Arts.




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