Elizabeth Pike

Portrait of MiAL Artist Elizabeth PikeElizabeth Pike

BA Painting, Wimbledon College of Art 2016

Inspired by the 70's wallpaper that decorated a space where she held an exhibition with her collective Mammary Gang, Elizabeth's work challenges the way in which the female figure is projected in magazines. Capturing societal pressures and pressing them into the foreground of her work using bright, sickly colours, her work aims to highlight how far from reality the images in these magazines really are.

Sourcing all her images from leading womens glossy magazines, Elizabeth's paintings start off as collages. She then applies oil paints, so that their smooth silky finish mirrors that of the magazines they have been pulled from.


"I want to highlight the issues facing women of post feminism with that of the third wave of feminists, how far we have come and how hard woman have fought for equal rights. I do think we have a long way to go for complete equality, and this is something I plan on continuing to fight for in my work." 





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