Emma Vazquez Costa

Portrait of MiAL Artist Emma VazquezEmma Vazquez Costa

MA Photography, Central Saint Martins 2013

During her research on superstition Emma was struck by how irrational beliefs come to coexist with our rational thinking. Through exploring those beliefs she realised how common the use of geometry is in magic practices. She perceived a connection between science and superstition in how we try to relate two events, either a cause-effect relationship, the connection between two points, or the link between one breaking a mirror and getting bad news.
Although Emma’s main practice is photography she rarely sticks to a singular finished print. She explores the infinite number of possibilities that may make people engage with a photograph, to make that step further to be able to communicate with that piece of work.


“I’d like to bring hidden things to light, things that may be obviously there but people don’t often think about. I am interested in the way they treat an intangible matter, as well as the fact that you can never be quite sure of what it is what you are looking at, but you feel irremediably attracted to it.”

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