Esther Ellard

Portrait of MiAL Artist Esther EllardEsther Ellard

BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins 2013

Esther is inspired by the idea of ‘the everyday’, seemingly mundane objects that when considered on their own, actually have quite a lot of personal importance and nostalgia. Esther uses tape as a medium because of its simplicity. It has a set width, colour and pattern and she uses this as a building block to craft something new – a lot of ordinary things brought together to make something extraordinary. It was Esther's striking tape pieces that first caused MiAL to collaborate with her for the October exhibition 'Process in Exile' where she created an in-house installation as well as designs for the poster and press release.

These are abstract works, apparently uncomplicated but full of detail, subtlety and coincidence, and may be seen differently by each viewer. They don’t dictate how they might be looked at and allow the viewer to take from them what they will. They are not ‘of’ anything, although objects and spaces seem to be hinted at, and patterns emerge. Esther has turned her unique definitive style to many mediums, having also made 3D paper sculptures for GQ Magazine, and recently completed a commission to paint a large scale exterior wall mural for Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross.



"Although there is no preconceived plan of where the pieces will end up, completing one is similar to completing a puzzle. Like a machine or a complex pattern everything has a place but it only becomes apparent in the process of putting it together. They are like drawings or maps straight from my brain to a page, they are not logical and there are no rules but the compositions become exciting."



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