Eugene Yung Chi Lee

Portrait of MiAL Artist Eugene Yung Chi LeeEugene Yung Chi Lee

BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts 2016

Since beginning his studies at UAL, Eugene has found that the context within his work has developed and strengthened. He now tends to employ psychology within his artwork to create a strong and more emotional connection between the viewer and his artwork. Currently working in acrylic paint, Eugene enjoys this medium as it can be used on almost any surface. He finds that by painting on things other than canvas the paintings gain a new perspective and can be very rewarding.

One specific practitioner who has influenced his work is Stephen Willats. Willats methods examine the function and meaning of art in society, and this is something that Eugene has tried to look at within his own work as well. Fauvism has also been a big inspiration in Eugene's work specifically the colour representation found in this style of work.


"In some way I hopes that my audience can see the world through my eyes and that my paintings may bring them a little joy."





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