Gary McLeod

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Gary McLeodGary McLeod

PhD, London College of Communication 2016

Gary’s photographs were created at a time when he was struggling with readjusting to the UK, having spent a large part his life living and working in Japan, India and Turkey. Taken from side-on, the hedges are portraits of migrants, neither belonging to one territory nor the next, yet they are growing and shaped by their surroundings.

Despite gathering hundreds of digital fragments of a subject and recombining them, Gary’s photographs are something to be held, and examine. Folding the large archival prints thereby enables more access to the photograph and the information within it.


“I hope with my work that the audience will feel like they can take the photograph out of the box, unfold it, hold it, examine it and treasure it. I’m happy for material bonds to form between them and the digital photograph. If they breathe on it too, that’s fine also.”


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