Giulia Cacciuttolo

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Giulia Cacciuttolo Giulia Cacciuttolo

MA Painting, Wimbledon College of Arts 2016


Giulia’s current practice is focused on the general concepts of time and space connected with memory; more precisely on the concept of the ‘oneiric’ house as described by Bachelard.

Bachelard defines a 'dream home' (in which we are free to daydream) the place where our mind lives and creates. Instinctively, this ‘dream home' takes the form of the place we are most familiar, and that makes us feel safe. Our starting model is undoubtedly the home of our childhood: this house embodies not only the home, but it is also the incarnation of our dreams. This house has the power to trigger our memories.

Giulia is interested in the ‘two faces’ of this house – the physical one and the oneiric one – and the idea of these two houses as archive of our memories, as places where we almost obsessively collect our past - and their deep connection.

However, Giulia does not look at these concepts in a nostalgic way, she tries to look at memories and their relation with space, in particular the house, as facts; as facts crystallized in time, like the authentication of something obvious and objective.

This idea of something crystallized in time made Giulia start to experiment with wax, as it was a material strongly connected with the theme of memory and of freezing a certain moment; it was anciently used to preserve things from the passage of time.


Awards and residencies:

Shorlisted for Oltre i libri, UbqArt Academy Award for most promising young artists, Marsciano Arte Giovani 2014, MArteLive Painting section and 8th International Biennial Award of Engraving of Monsumanno Terme, winner of 17th International Massenzio Art Prize and MiAL and Metro Mentorship 2016.


“My aim is to realize evocative works, which can suggest something to the viewer but at the same time leave space to his own conscience. My goal is also to realize works that can involve at 365° the public, works without the strict boundaries that art has nowadays.”



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