Harun Guler

Harun GulerHarun Guler

MA Photography, London College of Fashion 2016


Born and raised in Germany by Turkish parents, Harun's main area of interest remains the traditions and the performance of gender in everyday life, framed within a more specific Middle Eastern context.

Harun is exploring the boundaries of documentary and fiction while trying to carefully blur the line between art and commerce through his films. Currently focused on the slow motion technique as it stands in between the still and the moving image, this technique gives him the chance to explore a more indeterminate space.

The line between fiction and documentary, staging and authenticity is threaded through Harun's work, with references to gender, sexuality, religion and patriotic identity.

Awards and residencies:

ELLE’s Choice Award at the Istanbul Fashion Film Festival (Shortlisted) 2016


"I hope my audience will be motivated to think about terms such as gender identity more as a fluid concept rather than a fixed, predetermined fact about humans."



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