Helen Lieu

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Helen LieuHelen Lieu

BA Public Relations, London College of Communication 2017


Food, whimsicality, day dreams and innocence are themes embedded throughout Helen’s artwork, and within these themes there is a feeling of ethereal surrealism with a strong influence from Asian culture and other places she has traveled.

As a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, food is often a very visible theme within Helen’s work and this is combined with the inspiration she finds in surreal fairy tales and novels such as Alice in Wonderland. These dream like worlds and stories manifest themselves within Helen’s work creating a fantasy sentiment.

Although studying Public Relations, graphic design and illustration are Helen’s love, and she finds creating her designs enjoyable and therapeutic.

Helen’s pieces are intended to encourage her audience to channel their inner child and feel inspired by the dreamy images that she creates… and maybe think about what they are having for dinner!



“I want to inspire others to be creative and have fun with art. I want everyone to dream, be a child, and love magical things.”



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