Imogen Parry

Portrait fo Made in Arts London Artist Imogen ParryImogen Parry

BA Painting, Wimbledon College of Art 2014

Imogen makes work around the concept of paradise. Although very much the concept, as she is not sure if she believes ‘paradise’ to be a real place, but instead an amalgamation of different ideals. This concept interests her as something that is collectively sought after, by herself included, but is inherently disappointing.

There are strong inspirations behind Imogen’s work from American literature and L.A. culture, which are apparent in her subject matter and iconic imagery. Bret Easton Ellis and British Science Fiction writer J G Ballard are two authors that have been paramount in the development of these pieces and in the forming of their narrative. Imogen’s work has also been informed by artist David Hockney and photographer Jordan Sullivan. Imogen hopes that her audience find excitement and delight in the visual qualities of her work; she strongly believes that visual pleasure is fundamental in art and aspires to this in her pieces.

Imogen often combines different media: she will print drawings, photograph paintings, collage photography and through doing this she has developed an exciting way of making work which keeps her inspired. She enjoys printmaking because it takes away the immediacy of the handmade mark- Imogen notes that the Western world often experiences life in an indirect way, for example through the Internet, and this is something she likes to replicate in her work.

Awards and Nominations:

Clyde and Co. Art Award (shortlisted), Hix Award 2014 (shortlisted)

"With my artwork sometimes I like to play with ideas of "gilding the lily"- taking something that is already naturally beautiful and tipping it over the edge to become kitsch. I think with ideas of paradise we take natural beauty and dress it up with neon lights, turning it into something artificial and synthetic. I find this really interesting because even though the synthetic is alluring, there's also something kind of toxic about it."


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