Inga Loyeva

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Inga LoyevaInga Loyeva

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2015

Inga’s work is a reflection her personal experience on the barricades following an intuitive impulse to fly to Ukraine to witness the revolution on the Independence Square of Kiev. Her paintings deal with themes such as resistance, control, sacrifice, history, instrumentalization of nationalism and militarization of civil communities. 

Inga’s paintings question how can we know what is happening in the world/on the ground, particularly in regards to the waves of civil disobedience and military conflict sweeping across the globe? Could we ever trust the stories and rumours reported through mainstream media or should we look to social media, what seemed to be a much more democratic outlet but now is heavily trolled? Once we receive these reports could we trust our own critical faculties to crawl through the information to understand the events? Or are we already too preconditioned to want to believe certain interpretations?

Awards and Nominations:

2015 NOVA Award Shortlist, 2013 Vice Chancellors Scholarship at Chelsea School of the Arts, 2009 Angel Academy Full Tuition Scholarship First Place: Art Renewal International Scholarship, 2008 First Place: Naomi Winston Arts Scholarship through National Society of Arts and Letters, Fourth Place: Art Renewal International Scholarship, 2005 - 2007 New World School of the Arts Stipend Scholarship, 2004 - 2011 Florida Bright Futures Scholarship


“I am interested in painting not only because of its versatility but also its rich historical repository of images and ideas. By tracing the history of the figure in art I have learned and understood better the history of political events, shifts in spiritual beliefs and the tides of intellectual thought.”

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