James Rogers

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist James RogersJames Rogers

BA Painting, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

James is interested in investigating contemporary life, particularly how various technologies and systems mediate this experience. He sees his work as a continuation of William Burroughs’ narrative, continuing his paranoid visions of the present and future in relation to systems of control, as well as using his technique of cutting up and fragmenting information in order to find junctions between different ideas.

His work combines various forms of mark making, using a 3d printer, as well as a laser cutter, and hand rendered imagery. He also combines processes that belong to both electronics and art, in order better communicate ideas of technology and the merging of it with life and systems of control.


“I like an audience to feel as though the value of poetry is being restored through my work, as opposed to the dilution of poetic language seen in marketing and the languages of advertising.”

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