Jennifer Hawkins

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Jennifer HawkinsJennifer Hawkins

MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts 2013

Jennifer’s work is usually born from an image found in a glossy magazine or something of a similar nature. From this image she creates a narrative centred on the female figure featured within the image. However her inspirations can also come from elsewhere; for her recent body of work she was inspired by the Roman Polanski film ‘Repulsion’, which tells the story of Carol, a beautiful young woman driven to madness by the male gaze. Jennifer enjoys working with oil paints because she feels they allow for many possibilities, she likes the idea of taking a blank canvas and turning it into something else, much like alchemy. She is keen to reflect that painting as a medium is still very much alive and exciting and her role in this as a female artist is important to her. Especially as she is often dealing with issues that surround beauty within contemporary art.

Someone who has particularly influenced Jennifer’s work is artist Kaye Donachie with whom she even had a few tutorials with whilst studying for her Masters. Kaye encouraged Jennifer to consider different ways of painting the female figure and to concentrate on mark making, allowing certain aspects of the piece to fall into the background. Through this technique Jennifer’s pieces seem to have a certain ambiguous quality to them, this advice has helped form this body of work and allowed the work to push boundaries of depiction of the character within the painting.


“I hope the audience will engage with the work. I want them to think about the validity of painting in the twenty first century and to hopefully come to the conclusion that it still has a pivotal role in contemporary art. To think about the fact that I am a female painter dealing with issues surrounding the depiction of beauty within art specifically when dealing with a female subject.”


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