Jessica Windhorst

Potrait of Made in Arts London Artist Jennifer HawkinsJessica Windhorst

MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins 2015

Jessica is something of a citizen of the world having been born and raised in Berlin, followed by a stint in Utah USA, she has made London her home since 2007. Jessica has found that living in a hectic and condensed city like London builds up an urge for freedom and openness. This emotion, of never feeling quite at home, comes through strongly in Jessica's work. She has often felt alienated and like she doesn't belong, that these unknown spaces have prevented her from finding inner peace. In her practice she explores the notion of longing, dreaming and the uncanny. Her paintings often feature abstract shapes resembling buildings and spaces to create illusions of surreal worlds taken directly from her dreams and memories. The spectator can’t really identify the painted shapes. They seem to represent something they have seen before but can't define.

Jessica's greatest inspiration is the writer Haruki Murakami who evokes the uncanny and takes the reader into surreal and dreamlike worlds. She has found her focus to be more and more on dreams, as they can show our deepest feelings.


"I wake up in the morning and I know I dreamed something tense but all I remember is a feeling, that feeling I try to recreate again with my paintings. To store it, to remember it, maybe even to understand it."



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