Jieun Kim

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Jieun KimJieun Kim

BA Jewellery Design, Central Saint Martins 2017

Jieun’s work is primarily inspired by nature and natural repetitions that occur. Her ‘Stitch’ bracelet was inspired by the repetition that is found in knitting. To create this elegant piece of jewellery Jieun focused on looking at one stich from start to finish, following the shape that the wool formed as each stitch was made.

Jieun then joined together all these shapes of stitches to create the shape of the bracelet, finally she etched lines onto the face of the metal to give it a textured effect similar to wool.

In her work Jieun questions the distinction between different materials, the ‘Stitch’ bracelet expresses wool in metal form while the ring incorporates both the wool and metal, considering the different textures. Her work has a delicate handmade feel to it, and allows her audience to enjoy the subtlety of the materials used.

Jieun is always looking to create new and meaningful work, she especially enjoys creating pieces that are elaborate but also functional in their purpose.



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