Joseph Lee Jackson

Portraif of Made in Arts London Artist Joseph Lee JacksonJoseph Lee Jackson

BA Photojournalism and Documentary, London College of Communication 2017

Photography has the ability to keep surprising and challenging the world as we know which continuously inspires Joseph. He aims to push the boundaries of photography and take ideas and concepts to new levels. His work looks at various murder locations around Manchester and their apparent transparency and unnerving reality.

The subject matter of Joseph’s work is not always clear on first appearance, its requires you look closer and find the context to have its full impact. A massive inspiration behind his photography was the darkroom itself. He was inspired by the processes and what they are capable of creating in such a diverse way.


“If you ask any documentary photographer what they’d like to achieve through their work; the answer would be pretty much the same through out. We want to bring attention to the subject and quite literally document it.”

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