Judith Hayes

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Judith HayesJudith Hayes

MA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Arts 2014

Judith is interested in making connections between Classical and Old Master works of art, and contemporary issues associated with the ‘domestic’. Her concerns centre on everyday events and objects found in the home, and are often a response to a personal experience, that may be shared by anyone living in a family, or group of other human beings.

Her work is an examination of the exacting demands placed particularly on women to fulfil a number of roles in a faultless and seamless manner; but also reflects the frustrations of daily life. It is an ironic comment on the beauty and perfection of the Spanish painter Francisco de Zurbaran who other than being known for his many religious works, was a superbly skilled Still Life artist. Making use of common objects, found in most houses Judith produces rich visual images that convey a multiplicity of emotions and depth.

Awards and Nominations:

NOAC ‘Towry’ Photography Award 2011


“I love being behind the camera and in front of a scene that I have created. I always feel there is a painterly quality to my work and as in other forms of printing there is a certain amount of serendipity which can be surprising and add interest.”


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