Karen Davies

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Karen DaviesKaren Davies

MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts 2013

Karen is interested in why and how people make and build. She uses familiar materials that people have their own association of making with. She takes a very hands-on approach to her materials and her particular interest in plasticine lies in the fact that she finds the material a really pleasurable medium to work with.

The marks in Karen's work are all made by hand, without tools or brushes, and incorporate the subject of movement, of making through action, and the notion of failure as integral to the experience of creating an artwork. This inevitable failure begins with an uncertainty, but ends (or continues) with a potential. She interprets this as a positive state of being that leads to progress, and believes it is fundamental to any drawing practice, and of course to the human experience. We all fail.

Awards and Residences:

Cecil Lewis Sculpture Scholarship 2013, Oppenheim John Downes Award 2012, Arts Council England Individual Grants for Arts Award 2010, Artist in Residence at Isis Arts 2010


"I am particularly interested in the artist or the body as being evident in the work, either through physical gesture and movement or through the graphic, process of drawing i.e. what action takes place and what is left behind? This concept is incorporated in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works."


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