Lara Drnovsek

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Lara DrnovsekLara Drnovsek

BA Sound Arts & Design, London College of Communication 2016

Lara does not pre-plan her compositions, instead letting her train of thought flow through free associations, finding her surrealist images almost forming themselves. She sees this as an honest expression, a depiction of her subconsciousness. Her inspirations are fantastical aesthetics and she is influenced by phantasmagoric narratives. The final works are thought-provoking and meaningful, however the meaning they might hold is obscure.

Lara mainly works in pen and pencil, inspired by the comic books of Miki Muster, who is known to master pencil drawing. Her use of the medium has a warm illustrative feel to it and lends a vivid choice of colours.

“I strive to be as faithful to the initial, rawest vision and to make art that is captivating and meaningful.”

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