Leila Collins

Portrait of MiAL Artist Leila CollinsLeila Collins

BA Media Communications, London College of Communication 2015


Leila’s pieces explore the aesthetics of symmetry, whilst attempting to capture random moments of life, as chaotic and unpredictable as it may be, in a visually utopian and idealistic light.

The inspiration for these pieces comes from our cultural obsession with perfection and its portrayal in society. Each picture attempts to show how the aesthetic of symmetry is everywhere, whilst accentuating the staged nature of the compositions. The photographs were taken while Leila was travelling around London, Croatia, Germany, Bristol and Brazil.

Martin Parr’s humoristic portrayal of societies and the Hamburger Eyes Collective provocative photography have both been strong influences on Leila’s work. What particularly entices Leila to work with analogue photography is the process creating the work, from seeing something that catches her eye, to capturing the scene in one shot, to the developing process and discovering of what she has captured in the film.



Awards and residencies:

Winner of the 'Photographing your world' Barbican centre photography competition, January 2015



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