Libby Heaney

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Libby HeaneyLibby Heaney

MA Art and Science, Central Saint Martins 2015

Libby has had a fascinating journey to becoming an artist, having previously completed an award winning PhD in quantum physics. She has always been passionate about both the sciences and the arts and it was Central Saint Martin’s MA Art and Science course which finally allowed her to integrate her two passions.

Although Libby’s artistic practice is currently fundamentally inspired by quantum physics she does not intend to scare her audience with complicated concepts. An ongoing feature of Libby’s practice is the use of geometrical structures - two platonic solids, the tetrahedron and octahedron. Currently Libby mostly works with wooden sculptural elements and then electronics and computer coding. She is inspired by the variation of making very precise physical objects with her hands and then jumping into computer code to develop augmented realities that have no tangible existence. She feels that the combination of these two mediums reflects nicely the contrasting notions of the physical macroscopic world and the blurry, unobservable realm of quantum physics.

Awards and Nominations:

Lumen Prize Top 100 ('God's Dice) 2015, IdeasTap innovators Fund 2014, HSBC and Institute of Physics ‘Very Early Woman Physicist of the Year Award’ 2008

"I was drawn to quantum physics because I was attracted to the idea that reality isn't really as it seems. Quantum physics is mind-boggling and counter-intuitive. I think I've always been interested in art for the same reason, in order to create and experience objects and experiences that are not everyday."


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