Lingran Yan

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Lingran YanLingran Yan

BA Drawing, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

A visit to The Gordon Museum at Guy’s hospital’s inspired Lingran’s work which explores love and death. She wanted to express her emotions of the strangeness and sadness she felt from the specimens, in particular the con-joined babies. This feeling drove her to create aliened forms that explored her conflicted emotions and to perhaps mirror them in her audience.

Lingran sees her work as 3D collages rather than sculptures, you may encounter each figure as an individual or as an element of the overall piece. For her the very act of mould-making, casting and creating the sculptures reflects their representation of newborns, as if she was birthing each one from the mould, its components collaged together.


“The sadness and weirdness just touched me a lot. The babies were the closeted to each other but they also died for that.”



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