Artist Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist LisurtLisurt

BA Fashion Illustration, London College of Fashion 2017

Originally created for Olympia Le-Tan's 2016 S/S collection lookbook; Lisurt's collection is strongly linked to Le-Tan's personal experiences and strong emotions for Japan, combining various elements from her beloved Tokyo hotel ‘Okura’; works of great Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki; famous director Yasujiro Ozu; from Japanese cartoon characters to traditional Kimono.

The key is all in the details with Lisurt's work, having researched Chinese painting masters like Baishi Qi, Beihong Xu and Xuetao Wang to learn their techniques and basing the colour palettes on the original colors of the garments and blank spaces representing the Orient aesthetic of space.


"I’d like to combine the convenience of Adobe suites with traditional drawing, creating a hybrid style."



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