Maggie Jingyun Shu

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Maggie Jingyun ShuMaggie Jingyun Shu

MA Book Arts, Camberwell College of Arts 2014

Maggie’s artworks explore her interest is analysing the Chinese language system and exploring its relationship with the English language, as it can appear to be full of mysteries for Westerners! She has created two Chinese language games using her favourite technique, the laser cutter.

Her works create personalised Chinese words for telling stories. In the Chinese language, it is common to combine the meaning of prefixes and suffixes together to create a story, similar to the format of English language. She is interested in Wu Xing theory, which allows the properties of Chinese words to be separated not only as Yin and Yang parts, but also as five elements from Taoism. These ideas are about inviting audiences to understand the Chinese language system and to reproduce their own words easily.


“The main technique in the work is laser cutting as touchable characters could make the audiences to feel the word realistically and deeply in minds. I want to rethink about Chinese language system and Asian taste to create my own language.”




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