Maren Reese

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Maren ReeseMaren Reese

BA Painting, Camberwell College of Arts 2014

Maren's most recent series revolves around the idea of the exotic and how travel, tourism and access to images, shapes both the culture and the aesthetics of the Western world. However each of Maren’s pieces allow a hint of humorous manner, within this thoughtful reflection. She takes inspiration from artists such as John Stezaker, Dexter Dalwood, Mamma Andersson and Peter Doig and feels she is constantly discovering new artists who add to her pool of creative inspirations.

Her work is made up of figurative objects that are painted on canvas, but she always tries to arrange the objects in such a way that the viewer does not experience them as a direct representation of reality; the action of arranging these objects is deliberate and flawed.Through this Maren hopes to offer a new perspective on both the act of painting, and also the history and cultural connotations of the objects and scenery that she paints.


“The appropriation of other cultures in British aesthetics has been growing since the colonial age and as we have more access to images and travel, we have an opportunity to increase our understanding of other cultures, but that demands for a critical mind.”



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