Marta Barina

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Marta BarinaMarta Barina

BA Photography, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

Marta's latest series of works 'Untitled' are aesthetically inspired by Thomas Struth’s work and conceptually inspired by a Nam June Paik quote: “Every artist should bite the hand that feeds them…but not too much”.

She aims to playfully explore the natural and artificial circumstances that condition the 'exhibitability' of artworks with a sympathy for the journey and various processes that lie behind the visible things.

Marta's work also addresses the 1936 Walter Benjamin’s prophecy for which art, especially since the introduction of Conceptualism, has been experiencing a shift from cult-value to exhibition-value. This shift results nowadays in an increase of importance for those elements that were before considered just a contour - like the gallery space, the curator, the encounter with the public, the exhibition momentum.


"In my practice I like to gambol in and out of the artist’s role, alternating my vest with the one of the curator. This sort of alter-ego allows me to experience the insights of the art world from a different point of view. My aim is to share this view ironically through a provoking artistic counterpart."



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